WordPress Blank Page After Migration

Today, I was working on some WordPress Migration and after migration of WordPress website, I realized that it was showing me a blank page without any errors.

In my case, website url was same so I was out of idea what is the issue. After it I enabled php errors and tried all and homepage was not giving my any kind of errors so I was clueless with this blank page issue after WordPress migration.

After it, I tried enabling WordPress debug mode on to see if any error but no luck this time as well.

So, what I did next to make it working is: 

  1. I made a copy of plugins folder in: wp-content –> plugins.
  2. Removed everything from plugins folder.
  3. I was able to access website this time but with some issues because of missing plugins.
  4. I started copy folders one by one from copied plugin folder to original plugin folder and I realized that it was a WP_Cache Plugin issue.

So, I removed this plugin manually and re-installed it and my WordPress website was working as it was before without any issue.

So basically, It was issue with WP_Cache plugin issue which was giving me blank page after migration.

So we can disable this plugin before migration and after migration we can enable it again.

I hope it help you guys and if you find similar issues on WordPress, you can contact us and we will fix any issues related to your WordPress website.



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