As we have already said earlier, we see our success in the successful business of our clients. Therefore, to enhance the productivity of their business and to offer them remarkable computing capacity, we also offer our clients, AWS Cloud Services. There is no denying the fact that the advancements in the technological domain have helped a large number of enterprises, in a truly eminent way, to reach out to people and to grow their business.
And with the helping hand of JTSoftex, your dream of success comes to reality. We offer a complete IT support and managed IT services, and after having completed a number of projects on cloud support services, there can be no questions raised on our ability to satisfy our clients.

From startups to large scale industries, Amazon Web Services have brought about remarkable changes in the computing capacity and have helped them to give an organized shape to their business.
AWS development services help the Universities and the organizations across the internet and cater to their IT needs.

Why to Hire Us
JTSoftex has a powerful team of AWS developers who are possessed with competent skills like EC2 Cloud Servers, RDS database, S3 storage, AWS alarms and SES. Within a span of 2 years, we have worked with various enterprises and have provided them various cloud support services depending upon their business requirements, AWS Cloud Management or Rackspace Cloud Support Services.
Since, AWS cloud support services are cost effective and comes with an assurance of security that the data is secure in the cloud, its popularity has gained huge momentum from startups to Fortune 500. The enterprises need to pay only for compute power and storage, without dealing in long term contracts.
Here are some of the reasons why you must avail the benefits of this highly scalable and powerful cloud support services from JTSoftex:


We have a dedicated AWS Cloud Support Engineers for your Cloud IT Infrastructure.



  • Experienced IT engineers.
  • Excellent Troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Dedicated engineers per projects.
  • All solutions at one place.
  • 24×7 Full Service Support.
Our Skills

99% EC2 Cloud Servers

98% RDS Database

97% S3 Storage

98% AWS Alarms and SES

Scale your business to success with AWS Cloud services from us!

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